In the world of photography, a vast and ever expanding one thanks to digital imagery and social media, Sekondtry chooses his subject matter wisely. With an emphasis on urban landscape and architectural photography, Sekondtry has a knack for the linear and a flare for architecture that is only rivaled by his love of the city, street 
photography, and powerful urban decayed imagery.
Sekondtry, who started as an amateur photographer less than a decade ago, found his passion in the midst of a bad break up. Heartbroken, he picked up a camera, a GoPro hero 4 at that, and began to wander his city while he tried to make sense of a huge shift in his life. 

Today, Sekondtry’s photography account holds the number one spot on The STL Insider magazine’s top ten Instagram accounts to follow in Saint Louis. 
Throughout his journey behind the lens, Sekondtry has found he identifies most with the hidden beauty strewn through the lost, forgotten and now unseen parts of Saint Louis and other cities. Bringing renewed visibility to people, places, and things who have in one way, shape, or form become invisible to the general public is a major pillar of Sekondtry’s mission and passion for his city and craft alike. 

Larry is known for his ability to capture  mystifying and outlandish views, angles, and shots. The desire to stay true to what makes his work special and maintain authenticity in his pursuits, is apparent in each of his shots despite the subject matter. 

While, in the words of Sekondtry, “taking photos is like a drug for me, I always need more and crave that chase constantly”. he considers himself a student of photography, as opposed to a fanatic of the home run “banger” shot. To him traveling to shoot is about learning. He thrives on the opportunity to absorb the people, architecture, and different cultures that a first time visit somewhere new can show him. Quickly learning how to capture them, while thrilling, is always an essential lesson, furthering his “schooling” in the world of photography.
Sekondtry is well seasoned in his professional work and plans to expand in this area in his near future as much as the universe will permit.

With hyper successful collaborations with brands like Def Jam Records, Budweiser, 1st Phorm, iHeart Media,  4 Hands Brewery, and many other local companies, he looks to add even more top tier names to the list as he continues to move forward.
It's really only the beginning for many great things to one of the hardest working photographers in the Midwest... and the world.
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